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Lutein from Marigold Flowers is an amazing phytonutrient that can help prevent harmful ultraviolet and damaging high-energy blue light from reaching our eyes.

Lutein is naturally found in a number of fruits and vegetables, especially those with deep green, orange, and yellow coloring like the Marigold Flowers.

Also called Marigold Extract, containing 20% of free Lutein content, it is an amazing source of this carotenoid usually found in eye supplements and medications.

Lutein is also a very powerful Anti-Oxidant that helps people stay young and active. But as we humans are unable to synthesize lutein in our bodies, we must obtain it from our foods and dietary supplements.

As a powerful protective agent, Lutein provides amazing capability to help us in this age of screens. Being hooked on our mobile phones, laptops, televisions and all the other UV light emitting screens, Lutein consumption has become more important than ever.

The Lutein manufactured by us is extracted from Marigold. It is a dense and greasy-looking extract that is deep red in color. The free Lutein content from Marigold is above 20% from out batches.

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