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MCT Oil Powder – Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil Powder
MCT Oil Powder – Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil Powder
MCT Oil Powder – Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil Powder

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MCT Oil Powder – Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil Powder

Pure MCT Powder spray dried from 100% MCT Oil. The MCT Oil used is extracted from Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera).

70% concentration pure MCT powder.

Creamy to White soft textured powder

Instantly soluble

No sediments

No Flavour/Taste in the original product.

Required Flavours can be added.

Excipients can be changed to – Acacia Gum, Maltodextrin, Dextrin etc.


C8 (Caprylic Acid): Present in most quantities about 65% – 70% in the MCT Oil.
C10 (Capric Acid): Present in 35% – 30% quantity in MCT Oil. It is also a very effective energy booster.


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About MCT Powder

Coconut Sourced Medium Chain Triglycerides is one of our key products. MCT Powder or Medium-chain Triglycerides powder is a combination of Caprylic and Capric Triglycerides, also known as C8 (Caprylic) and C10 (Capric) Triglycerides. It is manufactured by spray drying Pure MCT oil.

Manufacturing of MCT Powder

We use specialized industrial equipment to spray dry MCT oil to MCT Powder. This retains its nutritional and health qualities.

The resulting powder has all the benefits of MCT oil plus it is easy to handle, mess free. It is easy to mix in all the liquids and dissolves instantly. It is flavour-less, so it does not change the flavour of the drink it is mixed with. It is also perfectly suitable for use in recipes and baking. The powder is prepared in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility and packed without being exposed to oxygen. That is how we can deliver the best quality MCT powder to you.

All this process is carried out under strict supervision and the oil grade is of International MCT oil and powder standards. The same MCT powder is also exported to various countries.




100% MCT

Made from 100% MCT Oil. Spray Dried with 70% Concentration

Caprylic C8 content

65% – 70 %

Capric C10 content

35% – 30%


25kg / 50kg / 100kg / 200kg / 500kg / 1000kg